Indoor Play / Exercise Area for Kids by Gorilla Gym

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 8.58.35 PM.png

The Gorilla Gym Kids Deluxe with Indoor Swing, Plastic Rings, Trapeze Bar, Climbing Ladder, and Swinging Rope is a genius idea.

Everybody has had the over the door pull up bar before.  This is an adaptation of that except its secured with different hooks and made so that it’s screwed in and stable.

It’s perfect for burning off unexpended energy on those rainy or sunny days when you can’t get out of the house.


Fun Smart Board Games for Toddlers

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game is really cute, simple, and straightforward.  It’ll capture her interest for awhile so that we can get through a few spins of the wheel.  After that, she will play with the squirrel tweezers and stick the acorns in it to hold.  It’s great for practicing fine motor skills and learning how to use chopsticks.  And if you lose some acorns, you won’t really notice. They have other variations of the same game featuring different animals.  I like games like this. 

Los Angeles Kids Consignment Shop

4 days only!  The video looks promising.  Definitely have to check it out April 27-30, 2017.

As a first time parent, it’s overwhelming picking out all the toys, books, and baby stuff that will stimulate your child and keep them busy throughout the day.  We picked a lot of our toys and books that way using Amazon, picking the bestsellers or the ones with the most and highest rated reviews.  I have to admit though, that a lot of those toys were pretty worthless.  I plan on making a list of those eventually.  

The timespan of utility for a baby toy is so short but so expensive at the same time.  Even some of the children’s books that were highly recommended on Amazon, were somewhat disappointing and we would have been better off borrowing them from the library instead.  A lot of the books we had bought when she was much younger are now tired and boring, but out of sentimental reasons, we haven’t gotten rid of them.  We borrow all of our books from the library now and pick and choose the ones she likes the most from those to purchase on Amazon.