A Chick-fil-a Franchise Costs $10,000

Unlike other franchises, it doesn’t cost millions of dollars in the bank to operate a Chick-fil-a franchise, like McDonald’s or even a Jollibee’s.  The competition is stiff and they only pick maybe 1 in 20,000 applicants, I vaguely remember reading.  They interview your family, friends and associates.  You don’t have ownership over it either, but rather operate it.  If you passed away, it goes back to Chick-fil-a, not down to your heirs.

We tried a Jollibee’s for the first time on the way home from Anaheim.  I get all the hoopla for it though.  My cousin waited for two hours outside when it opened near Chicago.  I’m glad we didn’t have to wait that long and got to try it.

Lee’s sandwiches in Sunnyvale, CA was awesome too.  The bread was always delicious and the banh mi was cheap, fresh, and tasty.  Their coffees were so good too.  I saw one in socal one time, as we drove past it on the freeway, but haven’t gotten to go yet.  I haven’t had a good banh mi sandwich in a long time.