Chapter 3 – What Happens if you Show Up at the Museum of Ice Cream on a Tuesday

It’s closed on Tuesdays.  I’m the dumbass who *cough cough* didn’t even check online for their operating hours or if the tickets were all sold out prior to showing up.  I think when I saw nobody else outside except for a hipster spray painting some wooden blocks and our Uber driver pull away, I had […]

Journey to the Museum of Ice Cream: Chapter 1 – First Stop at Union Station in Los Angeles

Yesterday, we boarded the northbound train and headed on our journey to LA’s Union Station.  I had only seen pictures of it before but had never been.  It was exactly like in the pictures.  It’s more art deco, like out of the movies (Back to the Future or Mulholland Drive) or of a comic book, than […]

Planning a Budget Friendly / Cheap Tour of the Grand Canyon on the Amtrak Train from Los Angeles

We hope to visit the Grand Canyon this year. I am doing my due diligence with research and planning our trip.  I’d like to go before May arrives, and when it won’t be as hot but there’s only one week left in April so that doesn’t leave us much time. Any suggestions? I am considering […]

American Showcase Cheerleading Competition (Anaheim Convention Center)

We took a short trip to Anaheim on the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner and attended the annual cheer competition, American Showcase, at the Anaheim Convention Center.  If you ever wanted to experience the movie, Bring It On, come to life, American Showcase is the place.  It’s a combination of dance, gymnastics, and athleticism, mixed in with […]