Chapter 5 – The Broad 


Chapter 4 – Walt Disney Concert Hall / LA Phil

Chapter 3 – What Happens if you Show Up at the Museum of Ice Cream on a Tuesday

It’s closed on Tuesdays.  I’m the dumbass who *cough cough* didn’t even check online for their operating hours or if the tickets were all sold out prior to showing up.  I think when I saw nobody else outside except for a hipster spray painting some wooden blocks and our Uber driver pull away, I had a sinking feeling.  It felt unfinished, like they had ended the pop up museum and were taking things down, or that they were still putting on the final touches before showtime.  Reassuringly, I saw a retro ice cream delivery truck pull in at the same time as us, and followed him into the front door.  It didn’t smell anything like walking into a Baskin Robbins shop; more rather of your nearest Home Depot, with the lingering smell of fresh paint.  I wasn’t left wanting more though.  I get it.  The intention was to take the perfect Instagram photos and this provided just that. Even the ice cream delivery guy couldn’t resist taking a photo.  😂I’m glad he did though otherwise I might not have taken my own! 😅 This was our experience at the Museum of Ice Cream, and I couldn’t have hoped for a better time. We saw all that we had to see there and still had time to cross some more things off our growing bucket list, in the short time we were going to be in LA.  ✌🏻

Chapter 2 – The Architecture of Downtown Los Angeles:  Enjoying the Journey

Journey to the Museum of Ice Cream: Chapter 1 – First Stop at Union Station in Los Angeles

Yesterday, we boarded the northbound train and headed on our journey to LA’s Union Station.  I had only seen pictures of it before but had never been.  It was exactly like in the pictures.  It’s more art deco, like out of the movies (Back to the Future or Mulholland Drive) or of a comic book, than Union Station in Washington, D.C., which I can barely remember it being so long ago (16 years), but that vaguely felt more classic and historical with high arches, detailed stonework, steps, and domes, whereas LA was lots of dark wood and coffee colored leather, with songs played on the piano by traveling artists and musicians.

Train to Old Town San Diego

The time between our arrival and departure time was short, so Legoland, the Zoo, and the Aquarium were out of the question.  I was a bit disappointed.  Anyway, we decided to make-do with a short tour of Old Town San Diego instead.  We headed for the Mexican restaurant inside the Old Town area, and it was pricey, and not the best meat I’ve ever eaten.  The chips and the salsa were so good though, and I probably should have tried a margarita or something alcoholic.  San Diego is really cold too.  Good thing we brought a bagpack full of layers, otherwise, it would’ve been pretty uncomfortable.

The little shops inside Old Town are cute.  Dad decorated a candle for little one, and she thoroughly enjoyed that.  We saw the first courthouse and the iron cage for a jail.  And then headed out into the town surrounding the Old Town area.  There were some restaurants nearby that might’ve been better to go to than the one we went to inside the little district.  We saw a lot of jade plants and some interesting decoration.

Visit Any of the National Parks for Free in Celebration of Earth Day

Architectural Digest shared a breathtaking video in celebration of Earth Day.  The National Park Service has set aside ten days where you can visit all of the national parks for free, including on Earth Day.