OC Fight Doc II

Went back to OC Fight Doc today to get my shoulder worked on.  Today would be the first time that I would receive the normal treatment protocol.  Last time I just wanted to find out about my shoulder, and I was such a mess that I didn’t want to be touched.

First thing I noticed this time that I failed to notice last time was the Acai Republic freezer in the waiting room.  I have no idea how I missed it.  But it’s right smack dab in the middle of the room, and it’s filled with delicious Acai bowls.  Different varieties from “the Brazilian” or “True Brazilian” to “Tahiti” or something or other.  No way I could pass one up.  I think I’m going to end up getting one every single time I visit the doc.

They lead me to the back and sit me in front of this wall, applying a heat pack to my chest/shoulder.


Finally, a doctor’s office with something worth watching on TV (UFC Fight Pass).  After the heat pack I was treated to a session of the Tecar machine (which, no b.s., actually helped), a session of massage therapy, an instructional and personal training on some shoulder strengthening exercises, and a few minutes going over next steps with the doc.  I’ve had physical therapy a number of times in the past and this was the best experience I’ve had thus far.  I’m looking forward to my next session.


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