Saving Money on Your Next Trip to Disneyland

These are a few of the tips I’ve learned so far from watching other people, talking to other parents, and scouring the Internet on how to save money when we go to Disneyland.  I learn something new each time we go too.

  • As a socal resident, buy tickets for $150 now and use them before Memorial Day. 
  • Bring your own picnic lunch. Pack ham and cheese sandwiches, snacks, drinks and you will save $30 each meal.  If you have to buy food, don’t buy the really expensive corn dogs in front of the baby care lounge room area.  They were really greasy and gross last time. 
  • Buy your own lapels and pins before arriving at Disneyland to save money.  
  • If it’s a multiple day trip, tell your kid they can pick one toy souvenir on the last day and that’s it.  If it’s a one day trip, maybe limit it to one toy. Each toy is so expensive though. I think a Woody toy is $30 at the park.  
  • Balloons are $9.  It seems expensive but they last for at least a month.  

We’ve only been to the main Disneyland park.  She was too young to ride on any of the rides, but we did enjoy the Dixie ferry, It’s a Small World, the rainforest boat ride, and the merry go round.  

A family with two young children recommended that we check out California Adventure because it was really great for toddlers.  Another mom of two kids also recommended Legoland over Disneyland, for when the kids are still younger.  


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