OC Fight Doc

I started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu about 3 months ago (I’ll save that story for another time), but along with the increased fitness, confidence, mental health, and overall sense of well-being, I’ve gained a few boo boos here and there.  The latest is what they refer to as a “popped” rib.  I started to become a little concerned when one of my ribs would repeatedly dislocate at the joint between the bone and the sternum, so, rather than rely on internet hearsay, I gave OC Fight Doc a call at the recommendation of one of my BJJ brethren.

The picture above doesn’t do the front of the office justice (taking a panoramic while trying to be discrete is not easy), but look closely and you’ll see a Fedor v. Henderson poster, Anderson Silva front kicking Vitor in the chin, and other UFC memorabilia adorning the walls.  I got the feeling that they would at least understand the kind of strain I would be putting my body under and what degree of healing would be necessary before I could get back to rolling around on the ground.  My acupuncturist, while amazing at what he does, doesn’t really grasp how strenuous BJJ can be.

After a quick exam and hearing about how my injury had occurred, the doc recommended a plan of action and informed me of what to expect.  Being a common injury in the “fight” game, the doc was intimately familiar with these types of rib dislocations and laid out a plan of action (rest, ice, ice and heat cycles, ibuprofen, certain supplements, strengthening, etc.).  He also took a look at my shoulder and informed me that I had separated it at some point (:b).  I’ll be going back tomorrow.

And, I highly recommend the ice/heat pack(s) below.  Not sure how I survived without these.


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