Oil Changes

I change the engine oil in my 2015 Subaru WRX STi myself.  Partially because I like doing it, and partially because I have trust issues, particularly when it comes to mechanics.  😀  Nothing personal, it’s just really easy not to care when it’s not your car and you’ve been working on car after car, for hours, days, months, years.

Oil changes on the ’15 STi aren’t particularly fun, thanks to a ton of plastic under-covering and a bottom mounted oil filter.  But I do have an arsenal of gear to help me get through it all.

To get the car up in the air I use these (click on the picture to buy them on Amazon):

RhinoRamps.  Only $45, easy, and safe if correctly used.

To get the filter off the first time (we all know they usually come gorilla tight from the factory), rather than chance it, I used this Lisle oil filter tool.

I haven’t had to use it since, but it’s nice to know that I’ll always be able to get that sucker off.

On the drain plug end of things, I replaced the stock plug with a Fumoto valve.  Makes things cleaner — the oil stream is way more predictable since the oil drain plug isn’t in the way.  If the oil filter was accessible from the top, I’m almost certain I could pull off an oil change without lifting the car with the use of this valve.  But alas, I won’t ever find out with this car.

Last but not least, I used Castrol EDGE Black 5w-30 Full Synthetic.  A lot of people will tell you that X oil is better than Y oil for Z engine.  Or that a certain weight is better for 1, 2, 3 reasons.  I couldn’t decipher all the noise so I went with a reputable brand at the factory recommended weight.  Oh, and I also used factory filters.


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