iPad Pro Review by a 2 yo

She likes it a lot.  Especially the stylus pen.  It hadn’t crossed my mind that the iPad Pro would be designed so perfectly for toddlers as users until I saw how a little girl played with one at one of her ballet classes. The same games and apps you play on your iPhone or smaller iPad really come to life and take on a different character with the iPad Pro. I am slightly biased though. Anything that makes it so that we can create art mess-free, or anywhere but inside the house, makes mama happy! >.<


There were a lot of things that weren’t so intuitive for me and really made me feel like a dinosaur, but that will come so easily for toddlers.  Maybe if there was a toddler friendly stylus pen or one for smaller hands, that’d be a big hit with parents. Actually, here are two cute ones that I found on Amazon:

The downsides are you have to be willing to accept that this is a $1,000 toy for a TWO year old that will be covered in peanut butter, hard boiled egg yolk, and toothpaste spit up or, God forbid, potentially cracked or broken.  There will be tears shed if that happens and I guarantee it won’t be from our kid.

Even so, this one gets a big BUY from mom!  I guess this is actually a review from mom’s perspective. Sorry kiddo.

One day, we will get it for her.


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