Planning a Budget Friendly / Cheap Tour of the Grand Canyon on the Amtrak Train from Los Angeles

We hope to visit the Grand Canyon this year. I am doing my due diligence with research and planning our trip.  I’d like to go before May arrives, and when it won’t be as hot but there’s only one week left in April so that doesn’t leave us much time. Any suggestions?
I am considering either going on a road trip with multiple stops on the way or going by train the entire way.  Either way, we are definitely taking the two hour Grand Canyon railway and sitting in the observation deck. I haven’t decided which class tickets to get for that leg of the journey. I’m happy exploring all of the options and imagining all the possibilities.  

I first contacted a travel agent for Amtrak Vacations and was given a quote for $2,044 coming from Orange County. It includes the hotel when you arrive at the Grand Canyon.  
I then tried to see how much it would be without the hotel stay and by finding our own seats online myself. Apparently, superliner rooms can only accommodate two people, even if the second person is only 2 years old. That’s why it was trying to quote me for two rooms when I wanted just one.  
When I asked to book one coach seat then, along with one superliner room, I was told the two sections were completely separate and they have a strict policy against allowing that third person to be in the room with us. 
Superliner rooms are expensive because they have their own private bathroom, sink, and shower. The second rep I spoke to was very efficient and excellent. She suggested a different room that was cheaper and had its own bathroom. For round trip, it would be $1,345 or so. That didn’t include any hotel stays, however, but did cover the leg across the Grand Canyon. It would be a long journey, almost nonstop travel if we left on Friday with a Tuesday morning return. 
Do we have the stamina to make it on three different trains and one 10 minute bus ride? With a toddler?? And all of our stuff?! 🤔  
We would have to take the train into Los Angeles’ Union Station and then onto Williams, Arizona, then a bus, some rest and then another train around the Grand Canyon. 
It’s a 9 to 11.5 hour trip one way.  


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