American Showcase Cheerleading Competition (Anaheim Convention Center)

We took a short trip to Anaheim on the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner and attended the annual cheer competition, American Showcase, at the Anaheim Convention Center.  If you ever wanted to experience the movie, Bring It On, come to life, American Showcase is the place.  It’s a combination of dance, gymnastics, and athleticism, mixed in with a dose of showmanship, team spirit, and a competitive spirit, all of which kept our toddler’s interest piqued.

We are noobs when it comes to taking the bus, so I had hoped that we could try taking it from the Anaheim Amtrak station, but after waiting for forty minutes for the bus to arrive, we realized that we were waiting at the wrong stop and summoned an Uber instead, after venting our frustrations with each other.  The Uber driver took us on a scenic route, which he blamed on the waze app he was using, but the price of the ride ended up being the same as the initial quote, it just took longer to get there.

The Amtrak / Metrolink station at Anaheim is clean and modern, with Pinkberry and an Oyster Bar restaurant, as some food options inside, in case you have a bit of a wait, between stops.  It’s such an easy and comfortable way to travel by train, that the next time we go to Anaheim, it would be our preferred method of transport.  I see posters at the Irvine station, advertising that it only cost $7 to take the train to the Anaheim Angels opening game at Angels Stadium.

There was a bounty of food trucks waiting for us when we arrived in front of the Anaheim Convention Center.  The Italian ice and the Acai bowl were especially delicious.  I don’t remember the name of the food truck, but I have it in one of my videos so will update after I find it.

It made for an exciting event.  The loud music might be a little too loud for your little one, so I’d recommend bringing some ear protection.  Other blogs recommend the brand Peltor for ear protection.

But this one has the most Amazon reviews and are the cheapest.

We have Baby Banz. They seem okay. I’ve tried them on, but, obviously, they felt too tight on my melon. We’ve just never used them, and baby girl detests wearing ear muffs as much as she hates hats.


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