We Play Loud (Lake Forest, California)

IMG_6287 2

You know that initial smell when you walk in, that some gyms have, of stinky feet?  We Play Loud doesn’t have that issue.  Praise!  The employees do a fantastic job maintaining and cleaning the playground.  They are really on top of things here from the name tag system for when you come and go, and in wiping everything down to keep it hygienic.  It’s bright and colorful, and there are a lot of different cute apparatuses that you don’t normally find anywhere else from the airplane, ball swing carousel and the enclosed toddler and infant area to keep yourself and your kids entertained for multiple hours and visits, unlike at My Gym.


Definitely sign up for the email blasts, because they’ll hold different events for the holidays.  This was from Easter weekend when they were having an Easter egg hunt.  We’ve been to a birthday party here and it was fun.  Seems less stressful than having it at other places.  Two year olds can still go into the infant and toddler area.  She seems to enjoy it more now than when she was younger, and refuses to go into the upper level of the big kids’ play yard still, except for the big slide.


It’s a great option for when the sun is out in full force and you don’t want to deal with slathering on the sunscreen.  It was a great option for when she was a year old or more and still kind of just stumbling around.  It’s much nicer in terms of the size, variety, and in hygiene than Playland Cafe, in Irvine.  That gym stinks.





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