Waterworks Aquatics (Irvine, CA)


The swim school, Waterworks Aquatics, in Irvine, CA, was recommended to us by our friends when dd was only a few months old.  We have been taking classes there with her, beginning with the Parent and Me classes when she was maybe around six months old, and now semi-private lessons.  The semi-private lessons, if purchased in a bundle, are only $4 or $5 more than the Parent and Me classes, and in almost every session, it was essentially a private lesson, which costs more, with no other student in the class.

For us, Waterworks is amazing for a number of reasons, and worth the money.  The kids pool is heated to a very warm comfortable temperature, the pool is covered and basically indoors, and it’s easy to find an open class and register last-minute online.


We’ve rotated teachers, and dd has loved all of them.  I’ve liked all of her teachers except for maybe one.  DD has become more confident in the water and has learned a lot of new techniques under the guidance of her instructors during the semi-privates.  When she swam with her dad during Parent and Me classes, he tended to coddle her more, so we didn’t get to see her become as independent as in the semi-privates.


We’ve tried and quit a lot of different toddler activities over the past two and a half years, but Waterworks is our one constant.  We love that she loves swimming and being in the water, and are confident that she is learning the right techniques correctly the first time.  All of the teachers are sweet and great with kids as well.  Highly recommended.


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