2017 Mazda Miata

We were pulling into the Auto Mall intent on checking out a Nissan Leaf or some other family-mobile when we noticed that our daughter was sleeping.  At about that same moment I saw a guy taking a Miata out for a test drive and I immediately knew that I had to drive one.


I didn’t care which trim level the car was, or whether it was a targa top or convertible, as long as it had the 6-speed manual gearbox.  The car I ended up driving was a red soft top with cloth seats.  It had the premium audio system with the larger screen, but I didn’t bother turning it on.

The first thing I noticed was the low seating position.  Similar to a Boxter or BRZ.  The gear changes were nicely weighted.  Short throws.  Just chunky enough to be satisfying.  Pedal position was good.

Some cars just feel right when you drive them.  You’ll sit in them and it feels like you’re putting them on instead of sitting on top of them.  Getting them to do what you want is effortless — a smooth start from a standstill, a snappy effortless downshift or two, settling into a corner just right and accelerating out while rotating from the torque at the rear.  The Miata was one of these.  Now I know why they never stopped making them.


The Miata isn’t fast with a 0-60 of about 6 seconds, and the electric-assist steering actually didn’t feel particularly communicative.  The suspension was a bit on the soft side, soaking up bumps nicely, but also feeling less sporty than I had anticipated.  But somehow, via some magic combination of light weight, suspension geometry, weight distribution, and other voodoo, the Miata was nothing less than an absolute blast to drive.

On-center steering feel is a bit vague, but as soon as you turn-in the rear tucks in and wants to rotate around you.  The engine is responsive and smooth.  Not frantic, but still pulling you along at a nice clip without seeming strained.  It’s not razor sharp but incredibly poised.

I kind of wanted one as I left the dealership.


Baby Girl’s Latest YouTube Obsession

Baby girl is currently obsessed with the Peanuts movie. Now, the whole family loves this song, especially after watching this video. Meghan Trainor is awesome. It’s such a happy and upbeat song, and everybody looks like they’re having fun. All of these videos are great for exercise. We can’t help but break out in song and dance when we watch it.

I like her even more after reading her bio on wikipedia.

She used to really love the music from Trolls too, but nowadays, it’s “the Charlie Brown song” or “the doggy song” on repeat. She has a soft spot for Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” curiously.

Chapter 4 – Walt Disney Concert Hall / LA Phil

Chapter 3 – What Happens if you Show Up at the Museum of Ice Cream on a Tuesday

It’s closed on Tuesdays.  I’m the dumbass who *cough cough* didn’t even check online for their operating hours or if the tickets were all sold out prior to showing up.  I think when I saw nobody else outside except for a hipster spray painting some wooden blocks and our Uber driver pull away, I had a sinking feeling.  It felt unfinished, like they had ended the pop up museum and were taking things down, or that they were still putting on the final touches before showtime.  Reassuringly, I saw a retro ice cream delivery truck pull in at the same time as us, and followed him into the front door.  It didn’t smell anything like walking into a Baskin Robbins shop; more rather of your nearest Home Depot, with the lingering smell of fresh paint.  I wasn’t left wanting more though.  I get it.  The intention was to take the perfect Instagram photos and this provided just that. Even the ice cream delivery guy couldn’t resist taking a photo.  😂I’m glad he did though otherwise I might not have taken my own! 😅 This was our experience at the Museum of Ice Cream, and I couldn’t have hoped for a better time. We saw all that we had to see there and still had time to cross some more things off our growing bucket list, in the short time we were going to be in LA.  ✌🏻

Chapter 2 – The Architecture of Downtown Los Angeles:  Enjoying the Journey

Journey to the Museum of Ice Cream: Chapter 1 – First Stop at Union Station in Los Angeles

Yesterday, we boarded the northbound train and headed on our journey to LA’s Union Station.  I had only seen pictures of it before but had never been.  It was exactly like in the pictures.  It’s more art deco, like out of the movies (Back to the Future or Mulholland Drive) or of a comic book, than Union Station in Washington, D.C., which I can barely remember it being so long ago (16 years), but that vaguely felt more classic and historical with high arches, detailed stonework, steps, and domes, whereas LA was lots of dark wood and coffee colored leather, with songs played on the piano by traveling artists and musicians.